Put Away the Razor: Surviving Suicidal Thoughts and Beating Back Depression One Day at a Time by Carolee Kassman

In “Put Away The Razor: Surviving Suicidal Thoughts and Beating Back Depression One Day at a Time” Kassman describes her own battle with depression, how she overcame depression, and provides depression management techniques and resources, both for fellow sufferers and well as loved ones seeking to understand the depression and suicidal feelings thier loved one is experiencing. Depression in the United States is still commonly treated as a “made up” disorder even though the Depression Alliance states that it is a common disorder that affects 1 of every 5 people at some time during their lifetime.

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  • Number of Pages: 42 pages
  • Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (May 25, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1495270874
  • ISBN-13: 978-1495270871
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches
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About the Author

Carolee Kassman is a successful manager in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as a creative writer and poet for over twenty years. The release of her book, “Put Away The Razor: Surviving Suicidal Thoughts and Beating Back Depression One Day at a Time,” is her first foray into writing self-help nonfiction. Ms. Kassman has dealt with depression since her childhood and wants to use her life experiences in successfully overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts to help others receive hope, encouragement and help for their condition.
You can reach her at her web site: http://www.putawaytherazor.com


Highly Recommended

Carolee reminds us that we are not alone. This book is a beautiful conversation between the reader and the author. It comes from a place of love and humility, the bare basics to any starting point. I highly recommend it for everyone and anyone to read.

– Cecilonia

Highly Recommended by a Mental Health Professional

I highly recommend this book to any reader interested in learning more about the subject of suicide, from any and all angles.

I am a mental health professional. I have interviewed many individuals who were seriously contemplating suicide. Sometimes I have worked at a mental health emergency facility near the Golden Gate Bridge, when the police brought individuals to us who had been picked up on the bridge, because they appeared to be getting ready to jump. and it was my job to interview them.

It’s certainly more powerful and meaningful to hear from an author who has, herself, experienced serious thoughts of committing suicide.

One of the most critical aspects of understanding suicide prevention, is learning, how to recognize when a friend, child, student of yours (if you are a teacher, etc.) is exhibiting signs that might indicate they are heading in the direction of suicide. I imagine you have read of, or experienced, the astonishment of people who think they know someone well, but were clueless when an individual attempts suicide, and worse yet, if they succeed.

Keep in mind that there are now suicide prevention hot lines, often staffed by trained volunteers (you could become one) all over the country. They are not just there for an individual who is experiencing suicidal thoughts to call. They are also there for others who are concerned about another who might be in this position, and want advice as to what to do.

I also love the cover of this book, because the cover picture is most likely, for many potential readers, much more attention grabbing and motivating than the title, are any other title regarding suicide.

– Martin Edwards

Clear and powerful help for those contemplating suicide

If you find yourself facing a hard, dangerous journey, it pays to get the advice from someone who’s traveled the same road and lived to tell the tale.

Suicidal Depression is about as hard as it comes life-wise. PUT AWAY THE RAZOR begins with some scary statistics–there are over 1 million suicide attempts in the U.S. each year, and more than 105 people commit suicide each day. When all you can see ahead of you is a dark, yawning abyss and instead of stepping away from the edge, you are drawn to those depths, you need guidance from a soul who knows exactly what you’re going through. Carolee Kassman struggled with her first suicidal thoughts in the 6th grade and knows from experience how–day by terrifying day–it IS possible to turn from death and toward life.

PUT AWAY THE RAZOR is a short, practical, purpose-driven book. That purpose is to help dangerously suicidal people stay alive–even for just another twenty-four hours. It offers a four-step plan to strengthen and support the suicidal/depressed person and provide a way back from the edge if things do go wrong. Central to Kassman’s plan is a transformation in thinking–the ability to counter destructive thoughts with positive ones. What do you live for? Who do you impact in your life? What’s the silver lining in the current troubling situation?

Using unvarnished examples from her own experience, Kassman encourages depressed people to acknowledge how they’re feeling rather than trying to deny or minimize sadness. This kind of honesty can help a person identify the particular triggers that send them into a downward spiral. If you know your triggers you can handle situations that arise before they get out of control. For example, if exhaustion is a trigger, find a way to rest, even if it means admitting to others that you’re not coping as well as everyone thinks. This leads to another tool in Kassman’s survival kit: gathering a support team, lifeguards who can come to your rescue at those times you are going under.

Even with its call to ask for needed help and build support, PUT AWAY THE RAZOR isn’t about considering yourself a victim or waiting around to be rescued. It’s about taking control. Pointing out the strong link between mental illness diagnoses and suicidal behavior, Kassman urges those who live with these illnesses to take a proactive stance toward their own health. They need to learn what works for them and what doesn’t, so that they can ask for and receive treatment that drills deeper than mere symptom control and truly addresses the root causes of their illness.

Personally, I consider Kassman’s most valuable insight to be the simplest: that a person doesn’t have to solve “depression” or “anxiety” or any other huge issue to stay alive. All you have to do is live TODAY. If you have TODAY, you can begin to deal with the other stuff a bit at a time, by making use of Counter Thoughts, emotional honesty, your personal lifeguards, and taking control of your larger health/emotional issues.

With its combination of straight talk and believe-me-I’ve-been-there compassion Carolee Kassman’s PUT AWAY THE RAZOR is a powerful resource for those who feel they have no one to turn to and nothing to live for.

– Clahain